IBEE, our innovative, agile and evolving end-to-end leadership and business advisory firm embraces international stimulus. We believe that individuals are constantly looking to further develop and progress in their career performance; all the while aspiring to attain a balance within their careers and personal success. Family businesses, MSME’s, NGO’S and educational institutions are too.

Our strategic approach is creative, practical, and impactful. Working side-by-side, with our local and international partners, together with our clients, we share our expertise and sharpen skills; providing an unrivalled level of service and guidance. Constructed on the pillars of clear leadership, transparent communication, and inspirational teamwork, we contribute to the sustained growth of the economy; while passionately serving our community.

People-Serving obsession is the driving force within our office.


We promote responsible leadership through self empowerment and advisory services to help individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations boost their performance and satisfaction; even in extreme contexts.


Integrity. People Serving. Innovation. Professionalism.Transparency.

Why people HIRE US?

  • Global Rich Experience with a purpose
  • Business Strategy & Development
  • Education
  • Compliance & Governance Expertise
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Natural Advisors


Global Rich Experience

Over 23 years of Global experience in creating winning strategies and operations, leading National & Multinational organisations; 8 years focusing on Startups (New Businesses in new countries with Global Technology organizations)

Co-Creation of Success

In tough, complex and fast-changing environments, built and inspired teams to reach higher levels of excellence. Helped senior leaders in the public and private sectors in reaching ambitious objectives through promoting a spirit of partnership based on trust and win-win collaborations. Offered executive coaching for various leaders. Worked with different teams and individuals in more than 60 countries, sustaining a track record of superlative performance

Positivity & Empowerment

Rabee is an advocate of the “Broaden-and-Build Theory”, with a passion for creating an upward spiral for people around him, has consistently boosted positive emotions leading to more open, creative, and flexible thinking processes, better social connections, and a healthy and productive environment. Rabee has contributed to the development of the youth segment through different ways, including intern programs and hiring of top fresh graduates in the countries of operation

Global Certificates

Singularity University


Centre for Executive Coaching

Leicester University

Ericsson Leadership Academy



Genos International


HALL OF FAME Award -2015 Ericsson Global

The 38th top Business development performer at Ericsson History who have received a Top sales award three times.

Top Sales Competition Award Y2013 – Ericsson Global

Biggest break-in & swap deal in extreme conditions

CEO Circle Award – 2010 Redknee Global

Best performer in business development as a new joiner