At IBEE, we are a forward-thinking leadership and business advisory firm dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations. Our dynamic approach blends creativity, practicality, and impact, fostering growth and striking a balance between career and personal success. By collaborating with local and international partners, we deliver unparalleled service and guidance, built on exceptional leadership, transparent communication, and inspiring teamwork. With a focus on people-serving, our team helps clients unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success. Together, we embrace the continuous journey of growth, innovation, and transformation, creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all. “Empowerment and success are milestones on an ongoing journey; at IBEE, we walk hand in hand, lighting the path to a better tomorrow.”


We promote global responsible leadership through self-empowerment and advisory services to help individuals, entrepreneurs, MSME’s and organizations to boost their performance, resilience, and satisfaction, even in extreme contexts.


We are one of the top leading consultancy firms in the MENA region, forging alliances with globally recognized service providers to offer exceptional professional services and facilitate meaningful growth for our clientele.


We strive to deliver the highest quality of service and consistently exceed client expectations, setting the benchmark for industry standards.

We uphold the principles of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions, fostering a relationship of trust with our clients and partners.

We are committed to fostering growth for our clients, our team, and our organization by embracing opportunities for continuous learning, development, and expansion.

We embrace and encourage creativity, continually seeking new ways to provide unique and effective solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients.


Rabee Fares

Leadership and Strategy Advisor

Over 25 years of Global experience in creating winning strategies and operations, leading Multinational organisations; In complex and fast-changing environments, built and inspired teams to reach higher levels of excellence. Worked with different teams and individuals sustaining a track record of superlative performance.

He earned his Bachelor of Engineering from American University of Beirut, MBA from University of Leicester in UK, Certification as Executive Coach from CEC – Florida USA and Exponential Technology Growth Certificate from Singularity University – Silicon Valley. Rabee is an Executive DBA candidate researching “Leadership in Extreme Context”.

In a tough, complex and fast-changing business environment, Rabee has inspired his teams and colleagues to reach higher levels of personal and professional excellence. With a commitment to development, Rabee has gained a reputation for building strong teams, with resilient strategies followed by remarkable execution leading to outstanding financial results. He has worked extensively and helped CEOs, presidents, key leaders and boards to reach their business objectives through special partnership spirit and based on win-win strategies.

As a leader, at different levels, for around two decades, Rabee has devoted his professional life to achieve ambitious targets using unique professional frameworks. As an Executive for few big businesses and working in challenging markets: Sweden, Spain, Iraq, Sudan, KSA, Oman, Middle East, all over Africa and Central America, he has experienced personally the cultural differences that impact work and personal development majorly. He has personally worked with teams and individuals in over 60 countries, with an exceptional track record of success. Now, Rabee is leading his Leadership & Business Advisory firm offering his executive coaching and advisory/ Consultancy services backed up with his professional and academic experience, with collaboration with his professional partners.


Business Management Senior Consultant

Dina Chami is a results-driven Senior Management Consultant based in Beirut, Lebanon, who has extensive experience in identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities. With a proven track record in managing major projects from planning through to completion, Dina regularly travels to different locations in the MENA region to assist public sector organizations, multinationals, or private companies.

Dina has worked as a Senior Consultant, where she managed projects in agile, fast-paced, and deadline-driven team environments. She is adept at developing critical solutions while standardizing and improving current practices and procedures. Her expertise includes business management, project management, change management, executive presentations, process improvement, communication, and strategic planning. She offers advice and expertise to organizations to help them improve their business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy. Dina managed all aspects of consultancy and training projects from inception to conclusion.

Dina holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Education from the Lebanese American University. She is highly skilled in conducting job analysis, writing job descriptions, conducting job evaluation, training needs assessment, creating new organizational charts or modifying existing ones, recruitment, and designing and developing training materials. She also provides public and corporate trainings and delivers customized trainings in various areas such as human resources management, soft skills, management skills, leadership, and communication skills, among others.


Business Development Senior Consultant

Mohamad Sheet is an accomplished senior management consultant based in Beirut, Lebanon. He brings a wealth of experience to the table with his expertise in strategy planning, monitoring and evaluation, training delivery, sales and business development, corporate communication, team leadership, SME development, capacity building, organizational restructuring, standard operating procedures, sales collateral and support, and new product launch.

Throughout his career, Mohamad has worked with various organizations, including Agri-Tech multinationals, IBEE, and Standards Consultants, and has collaborated with numerous NGOs, such as Mercy Corps, UKAID, USAID, NEF, WFP, and Oxfam. He has also provided his services to several prestigious educational institutions, including AUIB and LAU.

Before embarking on his consulting career, Mohamad held various leadership positions, including Operations Manager for H.S Trading LLC, where he successfully managed a team of 30 employees and was responsible for the branding and manufacturing strategy. He also worked as a General Manager for International Construction and Development in Juba, South Sudan, where he managed several construction sites and handled procurement and sales.

Mohamad holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut and has completed several training programs, including Oil & Gas Law, Human Resources Management, Project Management Professional Course, and Certified Business Trainer. He is an excellent communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and has a talent for identifying potential opportunities for growth and development.


Financial Senior Consultant

Ahmad Shahbaz is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the fields of risk management, financial services, financial control, organizational restructuring, leadership, communication, training and development, as well as research and analysis.

Ahmad’s career has taken him on a diverse path, allowing him to develop a broad range of skills and expertise. He has established himself as a senior consultant providing services to a range of clients across different industries and was able to help organizations identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies to drive growth and increase profitability.

He has successfully concluded several projects including the organizational restructuring of a regional Agritech Company, organizational restructuring of a University, training and development programs for a Telecom Company, and has collaborated with several NGOs.

In addition to his consultancy career, Ahmad is also a dedicated educator, where he currently teaches finance, operations management, and statistics at university level. He also has a banking background where he had served as a Risk Manager to one of Lebanon’s reputable banks which involves strategizing and implementation of risk management approaches covering all the functions of the bank.

Ahmad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut and an Executive Master’s in Business Administration from Lebanese American University.


Singularity University


Centre for Executive Coaching

Leicester University

Ericsson Leadership Academy



Genos International



HALL OF FAME Award -2015 Ericsson Global

The 38th top Business development performer at Ericsson History who have received a Top sales award three times.

Top Sales Competition Award Y2013 – Ericsson Global

Biggest break-in & swap deal in extreme conditions

CEO Circle Award – 2010 Redknee Global

Best performer in business development as a new joiner