Rabee Fares

Over 25 years of Global experience in creating winning strategies and operations, leading Multinational organisations. In complex and fast-changing environments, built and inspired teams to reach higher levels of excellence. Worked with different teams and individuals sustaining a track record of superlative performance.
• Leadership & Business Advisor
• Researcher “Leadership in Extreme Contexts”

Dina Chami

Dina Chami is a results-driven Senior Management Consultant based in Beirut, Lebanon, who has extensive experience in identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities. With a proven track record in managing major projects from planning through to completion, Dina regularly travels to different locations in the MENA region to assist public sector organizations, multinationals, or private companies.

Mohamad Sheet

Mohamad Sheet is an accomplished senior management consultant based in Beirut, Lebanon. He brings a wealth of experience to the table with his expertise in strategy planning, monitoring and evaluation, training delivery, sales and business development, corporate communication, team leadership, SME development, capacity building, organizational restructuring, standard operating procedures, sales collateral and support, and new product launch.
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Ahmad Shahbaz Photo

Ahmad Shahbaz

Ahmad Shahbaz is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the fields of risk management, financial services, financial control, organizational restructuring, leadership, communication, training and development, as well as research and analysis.