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Work Together Better (ProfileXT – Genos Assessment)
Torch (Customized Practical Training)
Spark (Business Consulting)
Catalyst (Leadership & Business Advisory, Executive Coaching)
Boost (Assessment, Training, Advisory & Executive Coaching)


Global Goals Empowerment
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Elle (Women Empowerment)
Jumpstart (Youth & Leadership)
Inspire to connect (Rural Development)
SpeakUP (Freedom & Liberty)
InsideOut (Health & Wellbeing)

Rabee Fares

Over 25 years of Global experience in creating winning strategies and operations, leading Multinational organisations; In complex and fast-changing environments, built and inspired teams to reach higher levels of excellence. Worked with different teams and individuals sustaining a track record of superlative performance.
• Leadership & Business Advisor
• Researcher “Leadership in Extreme Contexts”
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Noura Itani

Over 13 years of experience, a well-rounded professional cadre who has been overseeing and managing two USAID-funded grants: University Scholarship Program and Higher Education Scholarship. Known for her enhanced skills in ensuring strict compliance.
• Education Developer
• USAID-funded Grant Management & Compliance Expert
• Rural Community Service Specialist (> 200 projects)

Mary Youssef

Mary is a fresh graduate specialized in occupational therapy, who has worked in different therapeutic services and with diverse populations. Through all of these experiences, she developed not only technical skills, but also important soft skills such as patience, determination, problem solving skills, time management and effective communication skills. These skills set Mary apart as a strong communicator who is able to coordinate and collaborate effectively with our partners.
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