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Work Together Better (ProfileXT – Genos Assessment)
Torch (Customized Practical Training)
Spark (Business Consulting)
Catalyst (Leadership & Business Advisory, Executive Coaching)
Boost (Assessment, Training, Advisory & Executive Coaching)


Global Goals Empowerment
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Elle (Women Empowerment)
Jumpstart (Youth & Leadership)
Inspire to connect (Rural Development)
SpeakUP (Freedom & Liberty)
InsideOut (Health & Wellbeing)

Rabee Fares

Over 25 years of Global experience in creating winning strategies and operations, leading Multinational organisations; In complex and fast-changing environments, built and inspired teams to reach higher levels of excellence. Worked with different teams and individuals sustaining a track record of superlative performance.
• Leadership & Business Advisor
• Researcher “Leadership in Extreme Contexts”

Noura Itani

Over 13 years of experience, a well-rounded professional cadre who has been overseeing and managing two USAID-funded grants: University Scholarship Program and Higher Education Scholarship. Known for her enhanced skills in ensuring strict compliance.
• Education Developer
• USAID-funded Grant Management & Compliance Expert
• Rural Community Service Specialist (> 200 projects)
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