I haven't learned the lesson, YET!

I haven’t learned the lesson, YET!

In the early 80’s of the last century, my Father told me: “Despite all the challenges in Lebanon, I will be able to cover your and your brothers and sisters’ university educational fees”. I felt secure at that time, and I was so motivated to achieve much.

This is exactly what I told my kids couple of years ago when I decided to settle in my home country, Lebanon; just after spending 20 years working abroad, working in challenging developing and developed markets across the four continents!

I haven’t learned the lesson, YET!

The discussion with my father was after the tragic invasion Lebanon had experienced, just after 1982. Back then, I told myself, as a kid, that everything will be okay, I can still dream and be that achiever I want my Dad to be proud of. few years later, the financial crisis hit every single Lebanese; his salary, together with mom’s, summed up to $40 a month. Definitely, a tiny budget for a family with five kids. He smiled and said, everything will be okay!

Today, during this financial crisis, during the weak leadership the Lebanese set for themselves, I said the same thing to my kids, “Everything will be okay”! just keep your dreams: a scientist, an architect, an actor, an artist, a teacher, an engineer… kids, just keep dreaming, you will be able to realize yours.

I haven’t learned the lesson, YET!

In 1985, we also missed our school friends who had to relocate due to the civil war back then; the friends that we developed our dreams with. The dreams that we hardly kept. My dad showed resilience, a word that I understood its meaning lately.  “Leadership” and “Ethics”, from my dad, are the two main words that still resonates in my ears.

Today, My kids rarely meet their friends, maybe never met most of them since more than a year! My kids, 11 and 15,  are also asking about the currency rate! Few of their colleagues left school because their parents are not able to pay the tuition fees! they are concerned about their future and their colleagues’ future! concerned about their relatives in the village if they are able to survive during these tough times!

I, most probably, was thinking the same 35 years ago!

I am showing resilience, not pretending it!

I haven’t learned the lesson, YET!

Just came to my mind a book I scanned many years back, “Why Nations Fail?”.

Back to my story!

It went worse! my dad changed his lifestyle! He made a lot of sacrifices that I wont mention here, but I can say that I can not be more proud, forever! He managed, we managed!

Today, it is going worse! Will I manage? Will my kids manage? Will their colleagues and friends manage?  Will their village relatives manage? A question that has no answer YET, especially when Lebanese have weak leadership, when we have a nation that almost lost its morals and ethics, when we have strange system that does not speak to human evolution! Back to my kids, yes, everything will be okay when we make sense about things around us, yes, everything will be okay! when we understand why things end up here; yes, everything will be okay! when we stand for our worth, for our values, for our freedom, for our dreams, for our country.

The story won’t end!

but I want to confirm that I am a learner! I am a proud learner! opening my eyes and ears to learn from my kids, and from yours! Try to be learners since my generation and I have not learned YET how to develop leadership for our country! otherwise, we would not have kept the same old selfish leaders to lead our kid’s country.silience, not pretending it!